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Venue #16 Springfield Community Campus

Venue 16 is the fantastic Springfield Community Campus where you can find 3 of our artists in the exhibition space. Springfield is a great family venue if you’re planning on hitting the Trail with the kids as you have the library, cafe and park just outside. And if you visit on the first day of the Trail – Saturday 5th – you will also have the added bonus of the Corsham Creative Market in the exhibition space and main hall which is organised by Nicola Davis…

Nicola specialises in the bright and colorful art of silk painting. She enjoys tie-dying on silk as it is so unpredictable and the way the colours mix is fascinating. When she is not in her studio, Nicola enjoys walking her dog to find inspiration in nature such as flowers and countryside landscapes. Often taking a bag with her to collect interesting leaves which she can hand print onto silk scarves.

Nicola’s ambition is to have her own shop where she can sell her own work, but also create her art in the store so customers can watch, or join in with fun workshops. Citing nature as her biggest inspirations, particularly seascapes. Most of her larger silk paintings have been inspired by coastal landscapes that she have visited. Participating in the Peacock Arts Trail is always one of the highlights of her year, Nicola loves being able to display her work in new environments and teaching silk painting to new customers. Nicola says, “art has always helped with my mental health, it is a huge bonus for me in working as an artist full time as I am always doing something practical and uplifting”.

Inspired by nature, the majority of Kate’s images are peacock based so she thought this was the arts trail for her! She use a variety of techniques including lino, screenprinting and etching.

Charlotte enjoys exploring with a variety of media, including gouache, oils, acrylics and mixed media.  Most of her recent work is painted on canvas, however, she also works on watercolour paper and encausticbord.  Charlotte tells us, “I am privileged to live in the stunning county of Wiltshire with my three children and cat called Nala. Day trips out and about are often the start of an idea and I always find myself taking lots of photographs to work from when I get home”.

Charlotte’s creative space is her kitchen table, overlooking the garden. “On warm days I open these doors and can listen to the birds. Sometimes my creative space is invaded by my children, working on their homework or using the sewing machine. Not wanting to miss out, our kitten Nala adds to the chaos, but I love these times”.

Charlotte has always loved studying Art at school. Following her A levels she spent a year exploring a variety of different techniques whilst on an Art Foundation Course.  Much to her regret now she didn’t study it at degree level.  However, despite her career leading her in many different directions, Charlotte always seem to come back to her desire to paint and the enjoyment that this brings.


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