Online Exhibitors

The following artists and craftspeople will be exhibiting online only.

To find out more about each exhibitor, click through to their individual profiles to see their work and find their contact details.

Be sure to follow us on our social media channels to keep up-to-date with the online aspect of the 2021 trail.

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1. 38 Park Lane, SN13 9LG

2. Manor Barn, Pickwick, SN13 0HU

3. 43 Priory Street, SN13 0AS

4. 25 Alexander Terrace, SN13 0BW

5. Springfield Campus, SN13 9DN

6. 3A Pickwick Road, SN13 9BQ

7. 15 Martingate, SN13 0HL

8. No 19 High Street, SN15 5NN

9. Pound Arts Centre, SN13 9HX

10. The Almshouses, SN13 9HF

Peacock Arts Trail - Corsham Venue Map 2021

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11. King Alfred Hall, Market Place, SN15 2BP

12. Yelde Hall, SN15 3HL

13. Chippenham Museum, SN15 3HF

14. Kando, Emery Gate, SN15 1HA

15. 14 Clift Avenue, SN15 1DA

16. 1 Pew Hill, Langley Road, SN15 1DJ

17. 15 Argyle Drive, SN14 6RP


18. 8 Mount Pleasant, SN14 6LQ

19. 140 Sheldon Road, SN14 0BZ

Peacock Arts Trail - Chippenham Venue Map 2021

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Wider Area

20. New Farm, Lacock Road, SN13 9QJ

21. Wadswick Green, SN13 9RD

22. 92a Corsham Road, Whitley, SN12 8QF

23. Melksham Town Hall, SN12 6ES

24. 1 Semmington Road, Melksham, SN12 6DA

25. 296 Bradley Lane, Holt, BA14 6QE

26. 3a Market Street, Bradford on Avon, BA15 1LH

27. Gabriella Knight, Upper Wraxall, SN14 7AG

28. Valley View, Slaughterford, SN14 8RJ

29. Hilltop, Yatton Keynell, SN14 7BA

30. The Old Forge,Yatton Keynell,SN14 7BA

31. Blanchards, Littleton Drew, SN14 7NA

32. The Laurels, Kington Langley, SN15 5NG

33. Unit 15, Stockham Marsh Farm, SN15 4NL

34. Gallica House, Bromham, SN15 2HD

35. The Barn at Westlands, Whitley, SN12 7QG 

Peacock Arts Trail - Wider Area Venue Map 2021

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