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Use our handy maps to plot your route around the trail! Click on any exhibitor name to be taken to their profile with their specific opening days and times.

Please note: we do our best to ensure published information is accurate. However, if you are travelling a long way it may be worth double checking with exhibitors that they will be open when you plan to visit.

Two bonus 'venues' to look out for!

Keep an eye out when you're on Corsham High Street for window displays in the Corsham Bookshop and Haine and Smith with the artwork produced by Corsham Youth Zone.

Read more about the Corsham Youth Zone Creates project on our blog.

Laura Richards Corsham Bookshop Peacock Arts display edited.jpg
Sam Perry Haine and Smith Peacock Arts display edited.jpg

Corsham Map + Exhibitor List

Corsham Peacock Arts Trail Map 2023.jpg

Click on the map to enlarge

1. Corsham Town Hall, SN13 0EZ

Emma Catherine

Heather Stone

2. Church House, 3 Church Street, SN13 0BY

Chris Draper Illustration

Chris Dunn Illustration

Hollie Molloy Fine Art

Snug Pumpkin


3. Gallery@No56, 70 High Street, SN13 0HF

Abigail Leach Ceramics

Alun Crockford

Clare Duguid Art

Gaynor Leverett-Jaques Art

Karen George

Little Spear Fine Art

4. TI, Arnold House, 31 High St, SN13 0EZ

Chloe Pinheiro Art

Michael Sutherland

5. Parkside, 36 High St, SN13 0HB

Annie Meier Art

6. Right Angle, 20 High Street, SN13 0ES

Deirdre Elphick

7. Ampersand, 8 Martingate, SN13 0HL

The Brixton Boy

8. The Corsham Gallery, 15 Martingate, SN13 0HL

Ali Haynes

Art by Joanne Spencer

Bloemen & Blue


Jane Gibson

Kate Bates

Pat Bull Art

SkyDog Glass

9. 3 Alexander Terrace, SN13 0BW

Baranie Millais

10. Sanders Painting and Sculpture, 3a Pickwick Road, SN13 9BQ

Eddie Sanders

11. The Almshouses, Pound Pill, SN13 9HT

Annie Mulholland Stained Glass

Cathy Wood

Cheryl Cork Ceramics

Jan Nesbitt Artist

Judith Beeby

Juliet Greaves

Kate Davies

Studio Twenty-Six

Tania Harvey

Victoria Jarman

12. Studio 1-3, The Pound Arts Centre, SN13 9HX

Anya Beaumont

Caroline Rudge

Rachel Heard

13. 2 Lypiatt Rd, SN13 9JD

Claire Houghton Textiles

14. 7 The Cleeve, SN13 9JG

Heather Sparks Artist

Karen Road Artist

15. Springfield Community Campus, Beechfield Road, SN13 9DN

Compton's Glass Workshop

Nicola Davis Crafts

Samuel Lindup

Victoria Cleverly

16. 43 Priory Street, SN13 0AS

Hermione Skrine

17. 108 Priory Street, SN13 0AX

ROYNON Ceramics

18. Lancefield Studios, Lancefield Place, Pickwick, SN13 0HZ

Celia Smith

Jane Scott

19. 38 Park Lane, SN13 9LG

Chic Newbury

Wider Area Map + Exhibitor List

Wider Area Peacock Arts Trail Map 2023.jpg

Click on the map to enlarge

20. Fernfield, Bradford Road, SN13 0NY

Bath Stone Sculpture

21.The Pavillion, Wadswick Green, Westwells Road, SN13 9RD

Art is Joyous

22. New Farm, Lacock Road, SN13 9QJ

Anna Currey Illustrator

Chloe Yandell

Dominic Warwood-Smith

Jane Willey

Paul Carter

Rebecca McCarthy-Carter

23. Quintessentially English/The Q Gallery, 11 West Street, Lacock, SN15 2LH

Jacqueline Sheard

24. Elfin Cottage, 86 Chittoe, Chippenham, SN15 2EL

Claire Newman-Williams

Mary Wilkinson

25. 214b Corsham Road, Whitley, SN12 8QF

Lyndsay Tarren-Leister

26. 92a Corsham Road, Whitley, SN12 8QF

Grey Clouds & Silver Linings

27. 48b Bath Rd, Atworth, SN12 8JX

Philipa Batty

28. Melksham Town Hall

Melksham Town Council - please note this venue is no longer opening for the trail

29. 219 Melksham Rd, Holt, BA14 6QW

Grace and Clover

30. 19a Leigh Road, Holt, BA14 6PW

Brian King

Marion King

31. Lauderdale, Devizes Road, Box, SN13 8EF

Susie Brooks

32. 2b Moon Industrial Estate, Beech Road, Boxhill, Box, SN13 8HF

Box Upholstery

Kate Impey

Verity James (please note: this artist will be exhibiting at Venue 32, 2b Moon Industrial Estate, not 4c/4d as printed in the brochure.)

34. The Old Vicarage, Church Lane, Box, SN13 8NR

Penny Spooner Ceramics

35. 12 Upper Ley, Box, SN13 8JZ

David King

36. Valley View Bungalow, Slaughterford, SN14 8RJ

Dominic Clare

37. The Garden Studio, Long Dean Farm, Long Dean, Chippenham, SN14 7EX

Charlotte Englefield Art

38. Hilltop, Yatton Keynell, Chippenham, SN14 7BA

Mrs Mosley's Posies

39. The Old Forge, The Street, Yatton Keynell, Chippenham, SN14 7BA

Kathy Hutton Prints

40. The Minchin, Stubbs Lane, Kington St Michael, Chippenham, SN14 6HY

Labouchere Family

41. 1 Pew Hill, Chippenham, SN15 1DJ

Craftedglow by Galit


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