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Venue #46 ‘Materialise’, The Causeway, Chippenham

Our last venue! We can’t quite believe it!  Thank you for reading our posts, we hope you’ve enjoyed discovering more about our artists as much as we have, and we look forward to seeing you on the Trail.

What better way to end the Trail with a fabulous group of artists who are new to the Peacock Arts Trail – known as ‘Materialise’, venue 46 is host to a group of textile artists who originally met at Trowbridge College while doing a City & Guilds course in embroidery. They have remained as a group, meeting monthly and exhibiting every 2 yrs since.

Following a 3 year City and Guilds course in Creative Design for Embroidery, Carol pursues her interest in textiles/mixed media, experimenting with various materials and observing the relationaship between shape, space, reflection and shadow.

Carol works at home and has a small room for sewing on her computerised sewing machine. She also has a cellar space where she can splash about with dyes, paints and printmaking.

Carol is inspired by many different things, and is currently working with looking at pattern and repeat motifs. Her main challenge is finding the time to realise the ideas that are bursting to get out! “Sometimes the need to express an idea is almost overwhelming at others times the ideas just don’t seem to come. However I cannot imagine life without the ability to be creative in some way or another. I know many folk for whom ‘art is therapy’ me included”.

When not stitching, Carol can be found gardening and reading, but gets her “greatest pleasure from encouraging the grandchildren with creative pursuits”.

Carolyn is inspired by nature and architecture in particular, but finds that anything can spark an idea. “The appeal for me is the wide ranging and eclectic nature of stitching and the vibrancy of threads and hand-dyed fabrics.  Where possible I refashion recycled materials into something new and beautiful”.

Carolyn hoards almost everything to re-use in her embroidery and loves colour and texture. She has a wonderful workroom overlooking the garden that is stuffed full of fabric, papers, threads, dyes, inks and all sorts of bits and pieces.

Carolyn was taught traditional embroidery by her mother from the age of five but then much later in life she was able to take the City and Guilds Creative Embroidery course which encouraged her to break away from traditional work and experiment more.

When not crafting, Carolyn enjoys gardening, reading and seeing friends and family. She hopes to develop her work and take part in more exhibitions so that other people can see and enjoy it.

Linda enjoys working with textiles using hand and machine embroidery, crochet and wire work.

At a course in creative embroidery at Trowbridge college in 1999, I first met the other members of Materialise and we have been together as a textile art group ever since. My interest has developed around the natural world, incorporating as much colour and texture as possible.

Kay enjoys creating pieces of work that remind her of places she has been. Some are traditional embroidery, others are more more whimsical flights of fancy, using mixed media.

She creates her work from home, either in the kitchen if dyeing is involved, or the armchair with the radio or television playing if it is hand embroidery.

Kay tells us how she first learnt her craft – “infant school (1946!) was the start, with encouragement from family. In later years, it was an antidote to work related stress. Various courses have added to my techniques”.


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