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Venue #15 – Springfield Community Campus

Over at Corsham’s fantastic Springfield Community Campus, you will find a large group of artists, exhibiting an exciting mix of textiles, glass and digital art to name a few…

By day, she’s an Office Manager, but in her leisure time Amanda is the talented artist behind a brand named ‘L’Atelier’ a range of works created in Trowbridge. Her work explores techniques from in the early days of photography, as used by early pioneer Fox Talbot, who lived in the village of Lacock, not far from Corsham.

She says, “my art incorporates textiles with cameraless photography inspired by nature. I create cyanotype blueprints which I transform into lampshades and jewellery. Cyanotype is a historical photographic process that was popularised by Anna Atkins when she used the process to record botanicals for her studies. I also enjoy felting pictures.”

Lisa is the creative brains behind ‘Huntingdon Gallery’. She approaches printmaking by “breaking away from the traditional methods of silkscreen. My most recent pieces demonstrate my move towards painting methods, digital manipulation and  I have explored mixed media. Themes I will exhibit are landscapes and personal nostalgia.

As well as exhibiting my own art work year on year I have taught art and design at secondary level for 18 years. I’ve set up my own art studio and teach adults and children there. I run Art Birthday Parties and ‘Little Picassos’.  I could be running an art class from home, popping out to tutor for a couple of hours or spend the day drawing and using Photoshop or mixed media. I teach in schools,  at Neston Farm Shop and The Holburne Museum.

When I am in my studio,  either on  my own or with my two daughters, we have the music on load and we enjoy the space and the light as it is huge and has nice big windows and I look out to some beautiful period properties!”

Nicola says, “I am 20 years old and Wiltshire’s ‘Best Young Entrepreneur 2016’. I specialize in the bright and colourful art of silk painting, and the inspiration for my designs comes from my difficult past, having battled and beaten both anorexia and depression. My paintings reflect positivity and happiness, two qualities which I could not value more”.

Alex says of her bright and cheery creations “I love experimenting with glass and other materials that can take the heating process of fusing glass. I am based in the Craft Space, Trowbridge, BA14 8BR where  I run friendly, relaxed glass fusing workshops.”

Jennifer produces silk screen printed artworks and product pieces based on natural forms.

She says, “my work is inspired by the way natural forms intertwine with the structure of the man made. The relationship between the two and how they can be in total harmony fascinates me. Orderly grids of windows, fencing, walls, doors and railings provide a frame for plants. I love the vibrancy of the materials used in construction and the marriage between these and the pallet of the natural world. Observing the elements that age and change these surfaces and how plants reclaim them and often become part of them has informed my collection of prints and products. I experiment with layering and bleaching through textile dyes on both fabric and paper, using these techniques ensures my screen printed drawings also evolve and change as they age, My most recent work explores my interest in surface texture and focuses on plant forms falling as shadows onto aged man made surfaces”.


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