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Venue #11 The Pound Arts

You may be feeling a little tired after visiting the 10 artists at the Almshouses but fear not, the next venue is downhill! After a gentle stroll, and perhaps a brief sit down in The Pound Arts Centre fabulous cafe, you will be feeling ready for your next 3 artists…

Caroline is a fine artist and animator, specialising in the beautiful medium of Egg Tempera. Her work focuses on portraiture and still life – in particular studies of nature, skulls, bugs and wings. Her art draws inspiration from medieval icon paintings. She also produces intricate watercolours and linocuts.

Caroline describes her studio at the Pound as “half chaotic art space, half crèche”. Like many of the artists exhibiting, Caroline juggles the challenges of parenthood and creative practice. Discussing what inspires her, Caroline enthuses, “every job, commission, painting is a challenge. I love what I do…Art is the backbone of my life. It is my sanctuary”.

Rachel’s work is inspired by natural forms and phenomena, based on an intuitive response in colour and composition. Exploring a variety of paint and techniques, she aims to gain a depth of colour and texture, searching for organic pattern. Describing what inspires her and what she enjoys most about her work, Rachel says “small hidden gems in nature inspire me like lichen or snail trails and the favourite part of my work is pouring the paint and watching how it blends/reacts/makes patterns on the surface of the canvas”.

Rachel enjoys the freedom of pouring paint and manipulating the canvas to build up layers, striking a balance between intention and an unknown outcome. Rachel is passionate about art advocacy and has seen first hand how it can fulfilling for young and old, having worked for the Wiltshire based charity Arts Together and in local primary schools – “I find that art promotes confidence and self belief in a persons ability and identity and can lead to a greater sense of well being overall”.

Clare has always made things and it comes quite naturally to use her hands and work with tools and objects. As a fine artist she makes of sculptures using found objects, which include dolls furniture. The next step for progression of these sculptural pieces was to start working on bigger chairs, which led Clare to upholstery. After trying a one day course Clare discovered a new passion, training for a year at the Traditional School of Upholstery in Holt.

Clare loves to create beautiful, show stopping pieces of furniture that customers will love and cherish. As a new resident artist at the Pound, Clare loves her studio space, having lots of windows for natural light and space for her tools and chairs. Describing what influences and inspires her creative practice, Clare says, “lots of things inspire me from other artists and artworks to simply all nature. I draw and paint lots of things in nature and take inspiration from those colours and textures into my fabric choices within my work”.


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