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Maker Spotlight - Tamara Eggleston

Maker Spotlights: each day we will be focusing on individual exhibitors, exploring their work and finding out what makes them tick...

Tamara decided that she wanted to learn how to make jewellery when she was doing her Art Foundation Diploma at the age of 18. She was studying 3D sculpture and her sculptures were quite small and intricate, so her tutor suggested she take an evening class to see if she enjoyed working with silver.

From there, Tamara went on to study an HND in jewellery design and manufacture and has now been working in the jewellery industry for over 25 years.

Tamara enjoys seeing a design on a piece of paper evolve into metal and a little bit of wearable art. Her eyes are always open, looking at what is happening around her, with nature being a big inspiration for her.

As well as making her own designs, Tamara loves teaching workshops and seeing her students confidence progress throughout the day until they wear their creation home. “When I teach my workshops a lot of my students come saying how they are very un-creative - when they leave at the end of the day they have produced their own little piece of wearable art - I adore the high and positivity that oozes out of them after creating something!

You can see Tamara’s work and find her contact details on our website here

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