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Last Maker Spotlights - Week 5

As we get closer to the Trail we love to shine a light on each of our exhibitor's and give visitors a little taste of what they will be able to enjoy once the trail starts.

Every day from now until the trail starts we will be posting a feature on every exhibitor on Instagram and Facebook, covering a venue a day, so do follow us for your daily inspiration.

But life is busy, so if you miss a day here is your first weekly summary of the venues and exhibitors we have focused on this week -

Venue 34 - Church Lane, Box

Venue 35 - Upper Ley, Box

Venue 36 - Slaughterford

Venue 37 - Long Dean, Chippenham

Venue 38 - Yatton Keynell, Chippenham

Venue 39 - Yatton Keynell, Chippenham

Venue 40 - Kington-St-Michael

Venue 41 - Pew Hill, Chippenham

Find out about these artists and more - Discover The Trail


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