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Maker Spotlight - Catherine Siswick

Maker Spotlights: each day we will be focusing on individual exhibitors, exploring their work and finding out what makes them tick...

Catherine is an artist and art educator. A professional artist, specialising in portraiture, and qualified teacher at post graduate level, she has 17 years of experience teaching art, textiles and graphics to both adults and secondary students.

Catherine divides her time between working on commissions, creating teaching resources, and delivering workshops and lessons in painting, drawing and printmaking. She has recently been exploring new subject matter and has created a collection of mixed media paintings inspired by local nature.

Catherine’s mum was an artist whose passion was infectious, meaning Catherine grew up with a love of creativity. Catherine says, “having spent years rushing through life barely noticing the things around me, through my art I am to able stop, look and really appreciate the beauty, vibrancy and diversity of the world in which I exist”. Her inspiration is in a range of subject matter - colour, texture, pattern and a sense of narrative. Whatever she is studying she likes to create work that evokes positivity whilst celebrating the detail that so often gets overlooked.

Working from her home studio, Catherine is hoping to reclaim her home and have completed converting her garage to a garden studio by the end of the summer. On the rare occasions she’s not creating or making (professionally or for fun), she can be found exploring the countryside, pottering in the garden, or enjoying a night out with friends.

You can see more of Catherine’s work and find out how to get in touch on our website –

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