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Venue #42 Chippenham Museum & Heritage Centre

We’re nearing the end of the Trail now, but we still have a LOT to see, with more artists than ever in Chippenham!

We are delighted therefore that our next venue on the Trail is Chippenham Museum and Heritage Centre, where we have three of our talented artists exhibiting. Located in an 18th century grade II listed building, the entrance to the Museum is through the shop, located off the Market Place next to the Angel Hotel.

Tamara, a jeweller/designer for over 20 years, hand-makes her jewellery from a little studio in her back garden in Chippenham. Using traditional silversmithing techniques, her jewellery is inspired by nature and tends to mirror the changing seasons. Tamara’s favourite metals are a combination of silver and copper as they contrast so beautifully.

After the school run and walking the dog, Tamara retreats straight to her workshop in her garden. She tells us – “making jewellery is dirty work and it is best to keep all the dust, hammering and soldering contained outside of the house!”

Tamara has recently finished an exhibition at Slimbridge Wetland Centre, where she designed a range of birds for them. “I love being involved with other artists and makers and would love to be a part of more exhibitions in the future. I started teaching day workshops last year and would like to take this part of the business further over the next few years too”.

Tamara is very passionate about “spreading the creative word”. She loves teaching and volunteers her time to talk in schools on how to follow a creative career, as well as running an after school jewellery making club once a week – “unfortunately a lot of the creative funding has been cut in education and I want children to realise there are creative and artistic options out there for them and not to loose confidence if maths doesn’t come naturally to them – we are all unique and all have a talent, it just needs to be found”.

Annabel makes bright, colourful mosaics and textile pictures, using a mixture of media including glass and ceramic tiles, buttons, beads, plastic bricks, fabrics and handmade felt.

In past lives Annabel worked in banking and education, but for the last seven years has been able to work from home making colourful things, dividing her time between making brightly coloured mosaics and working on textile projects – “I tend to make small, affordable pieces that I hope bring colour into people’s homes. I don’t claim to be an expert in any particular artistic sphere; I prefer to think of myself as an enthusiastic amateur who is continually learning new skills”.

Annabel works from a dedicated craft room at home. It is lined with cupboards and shelves full of supplies, books, finished projects and Lego. Most of her skills have been learnt through reading books, looking online, picking the brains of fellow crafters and just having a go. When Annabel’s not working on projects to sell, she will be making things for herself, her daughter or the house. “It might be a knitted project (such as a 14ft Doctor Who scarf) or a cross stitch picture or a mosaic for the bathroom. I feel so much happier and calm when I’m doing something creative”.

Annabel tells us, “for me the arts trail is a way to show folks different art and craft techniques that they may wish to have a go at themselves. I want people to see that you don’t have to have a background in art in order to be creative”.

Clifton is a highly accomplished and versatile painter whose work explores a wide variety of subject matter, influenced by his travels and the people he has met.

Living in the country on a farm, Clifton enjoys the peace and quiet – “the nature around me gives me inspiration to paint and compose”.

Clifton is also a mentor and volunteer for Arts Together – a charity run art group for the elderly. Through this he has “seen happiness, confidence and self esteem grow…not just art but company and fun”.

When not painting, Clifton can be found composing music and lyrics for his own songs in his art/music studio at home.


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