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Venue #39 The Barn Gallery, Kington Langley

Our next venue is The Barn Gallery in the beautiful village of Kington Langley. Here we have four of our talented artists exhibiting, all new to the Trail – it never fails to amaze us how much talent there is to discover in this area!

Olivia is a veterinary surgeon and self-taught artist whose paintings are inspired by the animals of the British countryside. On her occasional days off from being a vet, Olivia paints as a means to combat anxiety due to her job. She tells us that there can be, “quite a lot of procrastinating before I actually settle down to it!” But when she does, she works from an easel in her sitting room, and the results are stunning.

Karen works predominantly in acrylic and mixed media and is best known for her broadly abstract landscapes and seascapes with atmospheric skies. She tells us, “the whole approach for me is about experimenting and learning as I explore what can be achieved with the acrylic paint and how it combines with other materials and mediums”.

Karen is a largely self taught artist with a background in landscape architecture and product design. She now has more time to concentrate on her painting, working from her garden studio.

Like many artists, she finds her main challenge is to balance the creative process and business side of her work. But she finds “Arts Trails are a great opportunity to promote my work to a different market. The Arts Trail also provides an opportunity to meet other like minded artists and develop future collaborations”.

Gaynor works from her Little Blue Shed Studio in her garden, where she is inspired by nature and it’s tiny details. Gaynor tells us she “can’t resist taking photographs while walking or gardening; the colours and textures inspire my nature based work and vibrant abstracts”.

Starting with a sketch and detailed pencilwork, then watercolours – she says, “it’s great to finally get to see colours and pictures emerge after weeks of ruminating, doodling and sketching”.

Gaynor is planning a new series of abstracts based on seasonal colours and emotions.

Abigail is a ceramicist who hand builds domestic ware in earthenware terracotta clay with traditional slipware decoration.

After teachnig Art and Design for 15 yrs, Abigail has seen how art has transformed 100’s of lives, if only for an hour a week – “making art keeps me sustained and fulfilled, I feel most alive when doing it and miss it terribly when away from it”.

Abigail works from her shared studio space at The Clay Loft in Nailsworth, which is stuffed full of clay and all its paraphernalia. She is really excited to be taking part in the Peacock Arts Trail for the first time this year and tells us, “I’m hoping to make local arty contacts near to where I live”!

Annie is a fully trained landscape architect, garden designer and artist. She also runs painting workshops from home and creative clubs for children. All this as well as being a full-time mum and the challenge of renovating a farm barn into being their new home!

Annie works at the kitchen table, or outside if she has time, and is in the process of designing an art studio for the future. She tells us that she wants this space to be “where I can paint and also run a variety of art-based, creative and country craft workshops”.

Having grown up in an artistic family – painting alongside her grandmother and aunt – art has always been a part of Annie’s life; “it is what I do to relax on holiday and generally runs through the veins of my life”. Annie is now keen to be a professional artist, alongside working in garden design.

NB. Annie is both new to the Trail and to the area so has joined the Peacock Arts Trail as a late entrant. She is therefore not in our printed brochure but you can find out more about her on her online profile.


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