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Venue #38 – Barn Gallery

Nestled down a short lane in the centre of Kington Langley village is the Barn Gallery where you will find two passionate and dedicated artists specialising in slip-cast porcelain, gloss paint and imaginary landscapes.

Having recently graduated as a mature student in BA Hons Contemporary Crafts at Falmouth University, Cheryl is now working in slip-cast porcelain, which she enjoys for its fragile and ethereal appearance. Cheryl says she finds, “the process of sculpting the forms after casting to be very meditative”.

The influence for her work is her passion for movement in dance and nature. In her spare time Cheryl jives, and hikes in the beautiful local countryside, finding inspiration from nature for her work which acts as a visual vocabulary to my emotions.

Cheryl tells us that she, “installed the very small studio in her garden myself, made a workbench out of two discarded bed bases and filled it with the necessary equipment, including a kiln”. She admits there is hardly space left for her! A typical day in the studio involves taking great care that the moulds are in good condition and that the slip is the correct consistency. Any sculpting on vessels has to be done at exactly the right time. Clearing up the clay and plaster dust at the end of the day is essential.

Judith is an artist who’s work involves manipulating the flow of gloss paint on board and her paintings are imaginary landscapes. She is interested in the balance between chance and control.

Her paintings are made by manipulating paint of differing viscosities and colours, using gravity and the laws of physics to dictate the paint’s movement. By adding  numerous agents she can cause the paint to move in constantly varying contours. Her inspirations are aerial photographs of the earth.

Working from her studio 3 or 4 days a week. Judith explains, “once I have an idea I progress from sketch book to small works and sometimes to very large boards”. Her painting is very messy so she covers the floor and tables with pond liner and lays the boards on the floor.

Judith also sells cushions which have images from my paintings on them, a side of her practise that she would like to expand on.


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