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Venue #32 White Cottage, Box

Over at venue #32 we have the fabulous Emma Leith exhibiting from her home in Box, along with both her mum & dad and returning milliner, Adrienne Horswill. If you love colour, this is a must visit venue!

Emma is also a Trail organiser, so any burning questions, she will be happy to help.

Carol Leith is best known for her world famous Monkeypuzzle sculptures and Illustrations, however she has recently branched out into painting in mixed media. Carol’s work is a mixture of techniques which include, oil on canvas, water colour, collage, fretsaw art and fabric wall hangings.

Carol is influenced by natural surroundings, animals and the human environment. A typical day for Carol involves photographing and sketching images in her surroundings and translating these onto whichever medium she is inspired to use. Carol describes herself as, “born with a sketch pad and pencil in my hand. I’ve not looked back”.

Mosaic artist and author of ‘Mindful Crochet’ Emma’s work is an explosion of joy and colour. Regular contributor to Simply Crochet Magazine Emma’s patterns are famous across the globe! Be inspired whilst browsing affordable mosaics, crochet kits and original textile pieces.  Her studio must be seen to be believed!

Adrienne works from her atelier, which is in a large well-lit room in Bath; an Aladdin’s cave of feathers, flowers, fabric, beads and trimmings all radiating out from the workbench when Adrienne’s creativity is in ‘full flow’. Adrienne works by layering a collage of materials, using embroidery, kantha and machine stitching to assemble the fragments into a three dimensional shape. Combining art historical references and ethnic inspirations to give old fabrics new identities.

Working seasonally, Adrienne produces two collections a year. January, February and September are the only months when she is not under pressure to work. Adrienne uses this time to research, read, write, sketch and source new materials. This is when she likes to crochet, garden and make things for family and friends.

Adrienne is inspired by the natural world. She enthuses, “the zing of acid green against purple, or the smokiness of lichen on rock. The brilliance or camouflage of feathers. The shape of ceramics, a profile in an old film, colours of the Renaissance, details in a Vermeer … The research and inspiration is the exciting part of the work”.

Participating in an Arts Trail is hugely important to Adrienne. It often gives the opportunity for that rare glimpse into the life of the artist, demystifying and hopefully inspiring others to consider a life in the arts.

When asked how art has changed her life or has transformed the lives of others, Adrienne reflects, “the importance of Art is a vast ongoing subject but my Fine Art Degree Course and Art in general has enabled me to look at the world differently. I have seen it open other people’s minds and give them pleasure and identity”.

After a career lecturing at the University of East Anglia Art College, Bazil is a self taught mosaic artist and in this year’s Peacock Arts Trail will be exhibiting his mosaic skulls which are adorned with jewellery gleaned from charity shops.

Bazil can usually be found working from his barn space studio, which he describes as, “rather untidy and cluttered with a south west facing window which gives a sympathetic light”.

When asked how art has changed his life or has transformed the lives of others, Bazil says, “all my working life has been in the arts on one level or another. Designing 3D sets, model making, puppet making, filming and stop frame animation from The Wombles to Paddington Bear, Portland Bill and several hundred TV Commercials. In retirement I have become more focused on things I want to do. I’m hoping the skulls will be a precursor to more ambitious things, as yet unspecified”.

When Bazil is not in his studio he enjoys spending time in his garden, undertaking some forestry work and tree surgery, describing himself as “an old man with a chainsaw”.

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