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Venue #31 – Chris Draper GAvA

In the beautiful village of Biddestone is the incredibly talented Chris Draper who is a commercial artist and illustrator, working predominantly on commissions from architects and developers who want images of proposed buildings.

Chris works closely with some of the most respected classical and traditional architectural practices in the UK and around the world, painting images of their new buildings in gouache and watercolour.

He also paints portraits, aircraft, and historical subjects and is a member of the art workers guild and the guild of aviation artists.

Chris admits that his main hobby is painting, “which either makes me interesting if you want to talk about painting or extremely boring if not!”  After painting he spends time with his wife and daughter. Then if there’s time its aviation, history, building model aircraft, motor racing, philosophy, watching tv & listening to the radio. Most of the time he is just painting in his home studio and drinking lots of coffee!


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