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Venue #30 – John Harland & Kate Impey

The diverse range of art to be found on the Peacock Arts Trail is exemplified no better than at venue #30 in Box – visit here to see “graffiti-like” paintings and large papermache animal heads! Wonderful!

“My first impression of John Harland’s paintings at the Museum of Modern Art, Oxford is of early Hockney but with bolder colour. Like Hockney’s pop art paintings, Harland exploits the visual rhetoric of graffiti. The graffiti in these works seems childlike, lending them a naive air.”

This glowing review in The Royal Academy Magazine also labelled John a “painter’s painter”, with his naïve graffiti-like works exhibiting a unique maturity and understanding of colour and form that are anything but childlike.

John has operated out of studios in Scotland and Cornwall, and currently works out of Bath. His works have been featured in many collections, including an exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art, Oxford. He has been featured in many mixed exhibitions at Edgar Modern, as well as in many international art fairs. His paintings are held in collections worldwide, including America and Europe.

Since graduating from Bristol University with degree in Fine Art Printmaking, Kate’s work has evolved towards constructing life size animal heads. Inspired by African relatives trophy walls and her travels in Africa.

Kate forms her animal heads from a wire frame which is then covered in a mixture of pulp and papermache. Colour is important element and with an interest in the natural world she enjoys using gouache and watercolour to paint other animals and birds on paper.

Kate sometimes share a studio but mostly paints in her house.


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