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Venue #28 Laura Richards, Neston Farm Shop

A big hello to Laura Richards AND Neston Farm Shop who are both new to the Peacock Arts Trail. We very much hope they have a fantastic 9 days! Laura’s work is beautiful and the farm shop is great so don’t miss out – make sure this venue is on your list!

Laura’s paintings are inspired by the Cornish coastlines and their elements. She builds her paintings out of many optical mix layers in response to light reflections, natural forms and fragments.

Working from her garden studio, Laura works intuitively combining glaze, texture and mark making. She specialises in creating vivid art fused by energy, purity and balance.

When working, Laura is usually accompanied by her two dogs but tells us, “the sofa is always a temptation!”

When not working, Laura can be found travelling south to the Cornish coastlines, taking in the calm and soaking up inspiration for new work.


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