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Venue #24 Helen Garrett

New to the Peacock Arts Trail, we welcome Helen Garrett who will be exhibiting her landscape and abstract art from her studio in The Linleys. A fantastic opportunity to meet the artist and chat to her in her workspace!

Helen describes her creative practice as – “It could be said that there is a deep and colourful internal life within each of us as we dwell both physically and imaginatively in this world. Painting for me fulfils an urge, a striving to converse –between the inner and outer world ‘experience’ and to be involved in a process. Sometimes I paint or write as an attempt to hold a significant moment just for a while – or to try to hold it long enough to understand something and then release it back.The image can evolve into something complete or be a description of something transient, fleeting. As it has been said before, paintings are ideas”.

Inspired by the human journey, when asked how art has changed her life or has she seen art transform the lives of others, Helen reflects, “all the Arts hold great potential for transformation as we can participate in a process that is both revealing and intimate. We can also witness the ‘inner journey’ of others and so realise our shared experiences. Imagine human culture with Art? There would be no culture”.


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