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Venue #22 Artist Studios at New Farm, Lacock Road

Peacock HQ is over the moon that we have a group of 7 artists at New Farm again in 2019! Take a seat, relax and read on…

Alun is a photographer producing work ranging from commercial advertising to fine art personal work using large format film.

Having spent 35 years working a photographer for over 35 years, Alun has covered all aspects of photography from high end digital to large format film. When not in his studio Alun enjoys studying the history of photography and medieval art. Through participating in the Peacock Arts Trail, Alun’s intent is to introduce people to analog photography.

Alun is also responsible for the majority of the wonderful photos you see on our website and brochure – thank you Alun!

Participating in the Peacock Arts Trail is very important to Rebecca as it is her main exhibition and gives her the motivation to find time to create. She finds “the feedback is so overwhelming it gives me a real boost and incentive to continue to juggle my family and teaching and make time for my art”.

Rebecca describes art as her life – “in my childhood, in my teaching and in my family.  I see it transforming the lives of many as they go through the school system as it is today.  It is even more important to get the creativity back into everyday life and this is why I love my job…it is a way of getting the students to realise how important these skills are as they challenge themselves to be the best they can be”.

Paul describes his studio as a practical place full of tools and work in progress, with New Farm being a fabulous place to hide or enjoy socialising with the other artisans and the farm community based there. Paul is self-taught whilst working alongside other carpenters and artists. Inspired by the natural form and textures of wood and nature, this often dictates the outcome of his pieces.

Paul produces original but practical pieces that can be created from wood but that keep the natural beauty of the grain.

Chloe Yandell is a versatile artist based in Bath. She studied Fine Art at Bath Spa University College and is a trained art teacher. Chloe takes inspiration from her local environment, memories and materials. Her work creating texture and atmosphere and often her techniques and pieces evolve through the exploration of the creative journey.

Anna loves to draw and uses a varierty of methods, charcoal, pencil, conte crayon and watercolour. Her idea of a perfect day is one spent in a zoo or market just sketching or else doing sculpture from a live model.

She hopes some of the time she spends doing studies from life is reflected in her illustration. Anna has been drawing all her life, growing up on a farm she has always enjoyed drawing animals and is inspired by life, people and animals, their bodies and the way they are.

Dominic juggles his creative practice with a full-time, in-house Product Design position at a bathroom company in Bristol. Dominic enthuses “my passion for the hands-on ceramic process is an antidote to the computer aided design and manufacturing day job – luckily I enjoy the best of both worlds. Cutting edge technologies in manufacturing by day – re-exploring past Ceramic process’s by night. Drawing from both approaches and meeting in the middle is when it gets good!”

Geoffrey is inspired by what has been achieved a thousand years ago in many parts of the world notably Egypt and India. He enjoys the process of carving knowing that it will survive a very long time. A typical day in the studio can involve anything from designing, drawing, pouncing an image onto a stone or to all out physical cutting and carving on a block.

Geoffrey applies his creative background to designing and hand carve anything from headstones, plaques to sculptural pieces. Geoffrey describes his art as having definitely changed his life “from being a hectic commercial graphic designer in London to a much more slower pace of work as a stone carver”.


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