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Venue #14 Jill Fenwick

Over on Station Road, you will find the incredibly talented artist, garden designer and illustrator Jill Fenwick, merging all three roles into one and making it look effortless!

Jill has always been been interested in the fusion of Japanese and Western art. This is reflected in the clean and simple lines of her garden designs which are softened by free-flowing plants and flowers. The careful balance between negative and positive space is all-important to Jill whether it is in her drawings, paintings or gardens and Jill feels, “that Japanese art has been a great influence on me in this respect”.

“I have been gardening since I was five and was taught by my grandparents. From the age of 13, I was always drawing and designing gardens for friends and family. After five years at Art School learning to be a graphic designer and illustrator, I then worked as an illustrator of children’s’ books”. Ten years later, Jill’s gardening obsession took over and she then became a professional garden designer.

When not designing gardens, Jill can be found gardening (of course!), practicing her French and, “working hard on my watercolour paintings of real life models” which is an area of her art she would like to expand. She is excited to be exhibiting on the Peacock Arts Trail for the second time as the 2017 Trail brought her “several new local commissions and made quite a difference in putting me on the map…it’s a fantastic way to get yourself known locally. Be welcoming and smile!” Great advice Jill.

Jill says that through her art she has made some wonderful friends over the years – “Art is the language we all have in common”.


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