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Maker Spotlight - Karen Gilgar

Maker Spotlights: each day we will be focusing on individual exhibitors, exploring their work and finding out what makes them tick...

Karen is a teacher who has worked with a variety of media, water colours, pastels, charcoal, textiles and stone. Her artwork has been described as naive which she believes to be a reasonable description.

Karen loves to make observations and to try and realise these on paper, wood, etc. When looking back on her pictures Karen has an altogether different experience than that of looking at a photograph as she, “can recall the very feelings that I was experiencing at the moment of painting”.

Karen moved to this area two years ago and, having stepped out of the city, The Peacock Arts Trail was exactly what she had hoped for in a community. Last year she had hoped to set up an art class in Colerne but was thwarted so this year is hoping to get lucky!

Karen has observed how art therapy with children from asylum seeking families can change lives – “it was a very powerful experience”. For her, she is not sure she can say that art has changed my life but only because it has be a part of it for so long.

You can see more of Karen’s work and find out how to get in touch on our website –

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