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Maker Spotlight - Karen George

Maker Spotlights: each day we will be focusing on individual exhibitors, exploring their work and finding out what makes them tick...

Karen is an artist who paints contemporary mixed media landscapes and seascapes.

Karen takes her inspiration for colour and subject from a series of sketches and colour studies that she has done on long walks and holidays to wonderful wild places. When she paints, she recalls the sights, sounds and feelings she had when she was sketching.

Karen had always sketched when on holiday, but she didn’t start painting until 2009 after almost 20 years working as a Landscape Architect. She attended an 'experimental painting' workshop which introduced her to acrylic paint. Her days are now spent out sketching creating a memory bank of inspiration, or in her garden studio painting and putting workshops together. Alternatively she could be caught up with marketing, promoting her work and updating her website.

Karen has been teaching a series of 1 day sketchbook workshops this summer and has found that sharing art processes with people who are unsure to begin with and watching their confidence build has been priceless.

You can see more of Karen’s work and find out how to get in touch on our website –

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