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Maker Spotlight - Diva Designs

Maker Spotlights: each day we will be focusing on individual exhibitors, exploring their work and finding out what makes them tick...

Penny Richman, of Diva Designs, has been an artist all her life. Mostly, it came naturally to her and then developed in school and over time just through the love of creating.

Never having stuck to one medium, Penny’s work ranges from huge wall art to tiny nail art.

Penny spends her days creating nail art and creative hairdressing, then sits down with her clay art most evenings as well as just doodling whilst watching tv.

Looking to the future, Penny’s ambition is to make more of her clay work; make it more noticed. She has found success with her canvas art, but her little sculptures don’t have the limelight yet. Penny is inspired by people and the challenge of working to commission. She loves her commission pieces best – “it’s a real challenge to make something to order rather than just make it up and see how it turns out.”

You can see more of Penny’s work and find out how to get in touch on our website –

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