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What a fantastic start to the 2023 Peacock Arts Trail!

Thank you so much to all of you who have visited so far - we've loved seeing your smiling faces and hearing your positive comments. And we still have two more full days of the trail to go!

All venues are open both Saturday and Sunday 10am - 5pm (some longer), so you've got time to squeeze in lots more visits. There is a great cluster of venues in Corsham, all within easy walking distance and near lots of gorgeous cafes (we find that cake always helps with making an arty purchase). However if you're able to travel a little further afield there are some real gems tucked away in the surrounding countryside....

5 Minutes South...

A short 5 minute drive south of Corsham and you arrive in the lovely villages of Whitley and Atworth where you can discover three artists really close together -

Venue 25 - Lyndsay Tarren-Leister

Venue 26 - Grey Clouds & Silver Linings

Venue 27 - Philipa Batty

10 Minutes More...

Keep going and you'll discover the beautiful village of Holt and another 3 artists. Paintings, sculpture and edible art all within a short distance of each other is seriously hard to resist -

Venue 29 - Grace and Clover

Venue 30 - Brian King and Marion King

Heading East...

5 minutes, 10 minutes and 17 minutes out of Corsham and you'll find a whole host of different exhibitors at New Farm, Lacock and Chittoe -

Venue 22 - Anna Currey, Chloe Yandell, Dominic Warwood-Smith, Jane Willey, Rebecca McCarthy-Carter, Paul Carter

Venue 23 - Jacqueline Sheard

Venue 24 - Claire Newman-Williams and Mary Wilkinson

Going North...

If you're travelling from Chittoe then you may like to visit these venues in the opposite order! But whichever order you do them in, we highly recommend the short journey to Slaughterford, Long Dean, Yatton Keynell, Kington St Michael and Chippenham- Venue 36 - Dominic Clare​Venue 37 - Charlotte Englefield Art​ Venue 38 - Mrs Mosley's Posies Venue 39 - Kathy Hutton Prints Venue ​40 - Labouchere Family​ Venue 41 - Craftedglow by Galit, TidalArtUK

5 Minutes West...

Practically a hop, skip and a jump from Corsham and you're in the village of Box, with another fabulous group of exhibitor's all within a short distance of each other - Venue 31 - Susie Brooks Venue ​32 - Box Upholstery, Kate Impey and Verity James​ Venue 34 - Penny Spooner Ceramics​ Venue 35 - David King

Remember, entry to all venues is completely free. Please do check the brochure or our online exhibitor profiles for individual venue opening times as well as information on access, parking and refreshments.

- > Browse our full list of 2023 Exhibitors by name or artform

- > View our exhibitors by venue location with our handy maps

- > Do you like to roll your sleeves up and have a go? Check out the workshops and events that are happening during the trail.

- > View our online brochure

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