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Venue #9 Sanders Painting & Sculpture

Our Venue #9 is the newly opened Sanders Painting and Sculpture on Pickwick Road where brothers Jonathan and Michael Sanders will be exhibiting their beautiful art.

Jonathan has painted since leaving art college but has also become, “fascinated with the lost wax method of casting in bronze, aware that I am carrying on a tradition predating Roman times”.

Spending most of the week painting behind closed doors, immersed in his art, sculpting has become a more sociable activity, opening his workshop to customers later in the week.

Jonathan’s skills began as a young child, when his father, an engineer, bought home reams of paper for him and his twin brother to draw on. Jonathan fondly reminisces, “we spent hours drawing everything, from dinosaurs, to cars to frogs and toads! We both later went to art college and are now both professional artists!”

Jonathan enjoys knowing when a piece of art is finished and it has worked; taking ceramics out of the kiln, bronze from a mold or applying the final coat of varnish to a painting. He hopes that his work provides inspiration for the conservation and sustainable enjoyment of landscape and wildlife rather than a record of times past.

Michael prefers working on a large scale and get stuck in with a large brush to set down the image. Texture is applied with a trowel and then refined with a fine brush for detail. Working from his garden studio at his home near the sea, his inspiration is garnered from coastal walks around Britain. Michael strives to be outside as much as possible as it is where he feels most comfortable. He says, “nature inspires me and fascinates me in all its glory.”


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