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Venue #6 – Liz Selley Art

Our sixth venue is at the popular Grounded Café Bar in Corsham Precinct where you can find cake and paintings of incredible women…

Liz Selley currently works as a freelance make-up artist but says that art has always been her first passion.

She says, “I have always been drawn to creating images of women within my art, which is shown from the work exhibited here, and which my Make-Up Artistry also subtly reflects back to (and is of course an art form in itself) – I often joke with my clients that I view them all as my little “moving canvases. The women in my pieces on show here I hope successfully portray images of strong, beautiful and interesting women. My “This was Burlesque” series was inspired by the stories of the early Burlesque women from the 2010 documentary, “Behind the Burly Q” – where their stories stayed with me long after seeing the film”.

Lizzie feels most at home and at peace at the canvas and “coming back to my art truly made me feel like I could breathe again and reconnected me to something which I feel is intrinsically within me”.


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