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Venue #36 – Emelie Hryhoruk

Still in Kington Langley is the quirky, gifted artist Emelie Hryhoruk who creates vibrant and enchanting seascapes with a little magic!

Emily tells us that she, “creates ethereal paintings by combining elements of her childhood alongside her love of the sea. The cows are an invaluable part of the process. Stumbling upon a well-known rabbit, perhaps, or a flower fairy twirling on the pebbles whilst sipping champagne, a cow soon turns to two, then a few more, and before you know it thousands jump at you from the serenity of ‘Cow Pebble Beach'”.

Known for her cutting and collaging of thousands of miniature paper and confetti cows onto canvas, transforming them into artworks, Emelie’s newest paintings feature cows cut from vintage Beatrix Potter novels, making it a wonderful wanderlust fuelled journey combining painting with meticulous collage.

The number of cows used is stated on each Certificate of Authenticity.

When Emily’s in her studio she works with her canvasses flat on the floor, meticulously placing each cow before dancing around painting the sea with breath-taking colours and vigour. Become entirely absorbed in navigating her own imagination, stumbling upon the most delightful scenarios for her characters. In fact she says, they mostly lead her!

Emily’s dream is to get her artwork into some select galleries, to enable more people to enjoy her work first hand, in the flesh, to see the cows dance and the hidden characters and stories come to life.


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