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Venue #27 – Emma Leith (Peacock Committee), Tin City & Beau Beau Hats & Embellishments

In the beautiful village of Box you will find a house with a bright pink door! (seriously, you can’t miss it!) Home to the fabulous Emma Leith and two other wonderful artists – Jo & Adrienne – you are in for a treat at this colourful must-visit venue!

Emma is also a peacock committee member so this is another handy location to get some tips about making the most of the Trail and picking up some spare brochures for your friends!

Emma is an artist with multiple talents, both a mosaic artist combining traditional mosaic tesserae with vintage china and also a published crochet artist famous for her exuberant yarn bomb installations in and around Bath. She creates pieces of wall art as well as projects for beginners and her latest work is a celebration of her love of colour and texture.

She describes her Studio at Premature Arts in Uley where she has a 2 year artists residency as a riot of colour with a wall of wool for her to choose from. It’s every crocheter’s dream!

Emma admits that she never EVER leaves her home without her hook and some yarn! And during the trail Emma is offering a ‘drop in crochet corner’ where you can pull up a chair and join her in a little crochet…..knitters are welcome too!

Emma will also be offering drop in crochet workshops.

Influenced by Mexican folk art such as decorative and religious iconography, artist Jo Nye creates unique items by recycling and collaging waste items such as tin cans, and repurposed broken jewellery and found objects in conjunction with shrink plastic imagery. Jo covers a wide range of ideas & topics to hand-make her one-off decorative shrines and decor to worship & adore!

Working from her kitchen table, Jo tries to complete a different project in some way to keep the creative juices flowing. She admits that sometimes the ideas come together very quickly and she can finish a piece in an hour and on other occasions it requires more thought and preparation, e.g. cutting & then ageing the recycled tins with vinegar & salt, soldering and/or gluing pieces together for a larger more detailed project. rarely sketch things out, preferring to work ‘on the fly’ ….

Recognising the importance of the visual & tactile experience of being able to actually see & touch her work, Jo sees the Arts trail as a wonderful way for people of all ages & walks of life to meet and access her work.

As a professional singer when she’s not creating her recycled pieces music plays a very large part of her daily life.

Adrienne Horswill is the maker behind Beau Beau Hats & Embellishments and loves to, “conjour with tweed, velvet, satin, felt and (sustainable) feathers to create unique head gear”.

When she’s not cutting, sewing, embroidering, designing & drawing, Adrienne finds inspiration in the garden. “I’m lucky to have a large workroom at home where I can leave the sewing machine set up. The room has neat cubbyholes full of colour coded textiles and pots and pots of feathers, beads and trimmings. When I’m in full flow of working there is usually a pile of fabric around my feet!”

Adrienne says, “the arts trail is a new venture for me, helping to meet a new audience and to collaborate with other artists. I feel it’s important to reach out and connect with artistic communities to promote the arts in general. Art will save the world!” We couldn’t have said it better, Adrienne!


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