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Venue #23 – Woolley Grange Farm

At Woolley Grange Farm we have stained glass, painting, ceramics and jewellery…and that’s just two artists!

Tania creates truly elegant and beautiful contemporary jewellery. She works in her studio in Bradford on Avon and is inspired by natural and geometric forms, with a focus on texture.

Originally trained in ceramics, she now works with a variety of materials; silver, semi-precious stones, porcelain and woo and enjoys using traditional silversmithing techniques.

Annie Mulholland is the talented artist behind “Angle of Light”. She creates colourful hand-crafted traditional stained and painted glass that, very often, reflect her love of nature. She loves painting and drawing, too. Her choice of a converted barn, airy and light is just perfect for her work.

Annie says, “I love art trails I have been doing them for thirty years in all different parts of the world. They are essential in bringing people together, to make sure that the traditional trades like stained glass, knitting, pottery and so on stay within our communities and do not die out. Personally, I love to go to see others craftspeople it’s then that I realise how much talent is out there and this somehow comforting”.


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