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Venue #21 Joy Jeffreys

A short hop out of Corsham and you will come to Wadswick Green where you will find Joy Jeffreys exhibiting her wonderful collection in The Greenhouse Restaurant. Joy will also be offering workshops so if you fancy having a go at watercolours then do get in touch with Joy to find out more!

Joy works from her light and airy glass organery studio space and uses a subtle palette of colour that lends itself to the landscape and architecture of the South West. She captures images when out walking the countryside and uses them to paint from throughout the entire year. Joy describes painting as “a fantastic way of relaxing but also requires concentration thus immersing oneself in the subject matter”.

Joy also holds classes which are encouraging to new starters as well as inspiring and inclusive for more experienced artists, “collaboration between artists and the community bring people together to enjoy and participate in an activity which is rewarding and mutually beneficial. Painting goes beyond the images people create”. Joy enjoys seeing how creative practice allows people to grow in confidence “their pleasure is contagious especially when they are producing work they are rightly proud of. It is empowering which is ultimately healthy. Art brings people together”.


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