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Venue #21 – Claire Baker & Chris Dunn

In Gastard you will find two well-seasoned art trail artists who have been taking part in the Peacock Arts Trail since 2013! Claire, for her sins, was also a member of the committee until 2015 so if you want any tips on how to make the most of the Trail, or you need to pick a brochure – or just want a good chat – this is the place to go!

Claire’s designs have a style that is all her own the ceramics she creates revisit the memories and emotions associated with vintage ceramics. They are a labour of love, she says “I use press moulding and hand-building techniques; my work is heavily textured and spontaneous. Each piece is fired five times to achieve its distinctive patina using a collage of textural surfaces, slips, glazes, transfers and lustres.”

“My work is heavily influenced by the ‘Aged’ and ‘distressed beauty’ of Miss Haversham’s wedding table in Dickens’ Great Expectations and the darker, more curious side of Victorian life. A love of theatre and Victorian Gothic combined with a vivid imagination encourage the particularly British peculiarity of my ceramics. I have a personal obsession with scouring junk shops for objects to engage with, this acts as my stimulus; using reclaimed possessions as both inspiration and adornment.”

Chris is a watercolour artist and illustrator. He will be showing a collection of original book illustrations, drawings and signed limited edition prints. During the open studios he will be working on paintings for his upcoming show at Galerie Daniel Maghen, Paris.

Chris says, “I produce traditional children’s book illustrations in watercolour for books and galleries. I work in watercolour and gouache and I’m heavily influenced by the likes of Beatrix Potter, Jean Baptiste-Monge, John Howe, Norman Rockwell and Alan Lee.

I’ve recently illustrated ‘The Wind In The Willows’ for Guomai, China, and another book called ‘Paisley Rabbit and the Treehouse Contest’ for Impossible Dreams, US. In the future my ambition is to have another successful show in Paris and write and illustrate my own children’s book”.


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