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Venue #20 Emelie Hryhoruk

Please join us in saying a big hello to Emelie – an Award Winning Artist creating empowering portraits to bring out your inner Super Hero – who is joining us again this year after a fantastic 2017 Trail!

Creating her pieces using hard and soft bodied acrylic and spray paints, Emelie builds her portraits with semi-translucent layers to signify emotion and personality.  With a history of depression and severe PND, Emelie strives to help others travelling the same journey by encouraging people to talk, be empowered and by supporting the MIND Charity through her work.

The main challenge Emelie faces as an artist is time! With so many ideas, an array of superheroes – and she doesn’t  mean just those in the movies – my beautiful young family. “Distractions are everywhere, but it’s important to remember that we ourselves can create opportunity as opposed to obstacles”.

Emelie’s work is proudly supported by Dragons Den star and retail Entrepreneur Theo Paphitis and Jacqueline Gold CBE, which has helped her to gain increased momentum and priceless business and sponsor advice. Emelie reflects, “I continue to grow as a person and this in turn drives me to further help those around me.  2019 witnesses my Collections go to Leamington Spa, London and Monaco, together with the launch of my empowering T-shirts, whereby a percentage of profits will go directly to the MIND Charity”.

Emelie begins each and every day with with mindfulness and gratitude.  Followed by a *lot* of mess! A great deal of colour, fresh air and concentration. Emelie sees everything as inspiration. “This is true! Life can be so challenging, but I have learned (and continue to learn) how to look through the darkness into the light.  My children inspire me dearly. Their innocence, their passions, their outlook on life and people”.

Emelie enjoys people seeing her work, for people to take something from it, whether that be joy, strength, hope, love.  Emelie discusses participating in the Peacock Arts Trail as “allowing so many more people to learn about what it is I do, and more importantly, perhaps, why I do it. Their eyes tell a story, and I am so inspired by that.  I love to spend time learning their stories, and hearing how my work has an impact on their lives. Art has saved me. It is my therapy, and in turn my Art is a therapy for others.  I take great pride in this and will continue to learn, adapt and create more”.


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