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Venue #17 – Hermione Skrine

From The Corsham School, you can stroll through the centre of Corsham (stopping for tea and cake, of course) and walk the short distane to Priory Road where you will find another of our central Corsham artists, a must visit…

Hermione’s days of creativity are spontaneous and flexible. “I work at home or wherever I find something to work from, so I have no studio. If I have no more pressing duties, I will consider the garden, the light and weather – whether to attack something there or elsewhere, or whether to work inside.  If I have a sitter I will work from them.  If I am painting, I might work for two hours, leave it, maybe return in the afternoon, or with any luck, the next day if the light obliges.  Also, I will think on paper in a sketchbook.  I might also work an abstraction from shapes cut out of paper or cloth.”


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