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Venue #12 Celia Smith

We’re delighted to have Celia joining us for a fourth time on the Peacock Arts Trail! This year she will be exhibiting from her home studio in Prospect…

Celia Smith is an artist who draws with wire. She describes her creative practice as “other artists use pencil, I use wire as a drawing material. It goes without saying that I am a hoarder of wire. Picking up a rusty piece of metal on a farm track, or finding a squashed electrical cable in a road, are for me, like finding little bits of treasure. Scrap yards are favourite place of mine the textures and piles of wire are very inspiring. I intentionally seek out old and interesting wires and like using rusty and corroded wires – the patina attracts me. By collecting wires I feel like I am collecting my lines with which to make my drawings – some are bold and thick like a marker pen, others are hair thin like the faintest of pencil lines.

Birds are Celia’s main inspiration; capturing their movement and character is her primary concern. Celia regularly goes, “out on drawing trips to nature reverses and islands”.


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