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Last Day!

Well we at Peacock HQ have no idea where this week has gone, it’s just flown by! It’s the last day of the Trail today with just a few hours left – all venues are open until 5pm* so grab your brochure and your raincoat and get out there!

We hope you’ve managed to pick up a printed copy of our brochure. It’s well worth hanging on to it once the Trail has finished as it makes an excellent gift guide to local arts and crafts – perfect when you’re struggling to think of something to buy that awkward person at Christmas, or for birthday’s, anniversaries and other significant events.

A MASSIVE THANK YOU to our artists for giving up so much of their time this week to share their passions and be all round inspirational, wonderful folk. And THANK YOU to our thousands of visitors for braving the quite frankly dreadful weather this week to do the Trail – it’s so appreciated!

And as an added bit of fun, if you were tuned into BBC Wiltshire this morning you’ll have heard Olivia de Rivaz and artists at the Barn Gallery in Kington Langley with BBC Radio Wiltshire on their Treasure Hunt. Great to hear such a fantastic shout out for the trail – thank you BBC Wiltshire!

Our exhibitors will be listed on our website for 2 years until the next Trail in 2021!

Peacock HQ

* the odd exception applies, please check the brochure


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