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Venue #40 Sam Perry, Kington Langley

Also in Kington Langley is mixed media and sculpture artist Sam Perry. Find her on the edge of Kington Langley, just beyond Langley Nurseries. Sam is also one of our artists who is involved in our community age project – do see page 5 of the brochure for details, and visit the exhibition at Corsham Town Hall during the Trail.

Sam’s art is built from mythology, folklore, and psychological space, “to explore the underpinning complexities and poetics that invisibly thread through our lives”. Working from a large studio space, Sam has three series of work that she is working on – urban residuals, labyrinths and relief sculptures – inspired by minimalism, cities, architecture, museums, folklore, travel, history and geopolitics.

Following a break from leading exhibitions and projects to have a family, Sam is now working again and facing the challenge of redefining the next phase of her practice.

For Sam, the main benefit of taking part in the Peacock Arts Trail is to meet people and connect with others. Having worked for 10 years in both Tate Modern and Tate Britain, Sam has seen the impact that art can have – “my role was to open up the hidden meanings of the art for the audience, to help them see an artwork with a new perspective and with a greater depth. When you are standing in front of an artwork and you have a group in front of you and you see their faces light up, with a flash of excitement and realisation of the depth and complexity of the art that you are exploring – you know they are engaged and inspired”.

When not working, Sam enjoys playing the cello, baglama saz (yep, we had to look that one up as well!) and guitar.


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