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Venue #37 Dominic Clare, Slaughterford

Next on the Trail is Dominic Clare in Slaughterford. Dominic will be also be offering wood carving workshops on the Trail so do have a look at our workshops page for details on how to book.

Dominic’s studio can be found on the outskirts of the hamlet of Slaughterford. His large gallery space is packed with a multitude of varied and intriguing sculptures from monumental to tiny and delicate.  This looks down on a cavernous workshop where you can see a busy sculptor’s work in progress.

He is an acclaimed Sculptor, whose prolific work draws upon a wide variety of cross-cultural sources: from his African birthplace to the ancient history of Britain also his responses to modern life and culture.

“My main medium is wood, but pieces often incorporate stone, metal and found objects. Fire is frequently used to tighten surface tension and reveal a purity of form with obvious connotations with African black woods, death and rebirth. Salvaged and recycled objects often have a quirky aspect, sometimes adding a sense of surrealism to my work.”

A visit to see his remarkable work and busy studio is highly recommended.


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