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Venue #32 – Dominic Clare

In the pretty little village of Slaughterford you’ll find something a little bit different in Dominic Clare’s studio with large sculptures in wood and sometimes steel and slate.

Dominic’s art draws upon a wide variety of cross-cultural sources: from his African birthplace to nature and ancient history. He uses a chainsaw, shot blasting and burning techniques to transform large pieces of wood.

A typical day for Dominic involves carving and getting covered in saw dust! “I blast and burn. Blasting reveals the grain by blowing away the soft summer growth, creating a weathered piece of wood. Burning reveals a purity of form, unifying it into a solid mass like an African Blackwood”.

Having recently moved from Snowdonia, where he worked for 25 years, Dominic now works in Wiltshire next to his house in a recently refurbished large studio and exhibition space which looks like an agricultural building.

When not working he spends his time with family, gardening, yoga, traveling, visiting exhibitions and reading.


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