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The 2017 Peacock Countown Begins…Venue #1 – Anya Beaumont & Jonathan Sanders


In the run up to the 2017 Trail – which starts on the 30th September and runs through to the 8th October – we will be writing a blog post on each of our artists. These posts will expand on the information that you will find in our Exhibitor list and in the brochure with some fascinating insights into their work. So…

…kicking off our artist countdown are Anya Beaumont and Jonathan Sanders who will be exhibiting in the Town Hall…

Anya is a  site responsive artist. Using photography, drawing and sculpture she makes pieces that are developed from details often overlooked by the casual observer. These can be made from paper or metal. Pieces are often relocated close to where they originated from and photographs of the new installations provide alternative interpretations of the works.

“I am fascinated by the built environment and how, over the years, what is valued and deemed necessary in terms of building changes. I’m also interested how we recall a place and how we unconsciously edit these memories. I like to consider the diversity of the people that live and work in these environments and to show this I often choose to use recycled paper that have traces of their previous use still visible in my finished pieces.

If I’m not teaching at Bristol School of Art, (where I am a visiting Lecturer)  I may well be cutting out endless intricate paper pieces based on an interesting architectural feature I have spotted!”

Anya will also be offering family friendly workshops as part of the

Jonathan’s paintings and sculpture are strongly influenced by his travels in Africa. “Nature and wildlife has always been the inspiration for my work, whether it’s the changing light on the African landscape painted on canvas, or the power and grace of a running Cheetah forged in Bronze.”

Jonathan says he is looking forward to the Trail as “I sell most of my work via the web so it’s a good opportunity to meet people and show them what I do”.


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