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Applications for 2017 NOW OPEN!

We are very excited to announce that we are now open to applications for the third Peacock Arts Trail!

The dates of the Trail for 2017 will be 30th September – 8th October. We have lots of information on our website – please have a read at Join The Trail 2017. When you are ready to apply, please complete our online application form.

Do spread the word and encourage all the artists you know in the area (and further afield) to sign up. The success of the trail largely relies upon the number of artists who take part – so do shout about us from the roof tops.  

Deadline for application is 30 April but get your early bird discount if you apply before the 31 March!

Venues –

From experience we know that visitors love to visit artists in their own studios or if that is not possible their homes or gardens and this often provides the best sales! We’ve also found that two or more artists joining together in one location helps draw in visitors. Exhibitions work well too, but do try to ensure that they are manned by artists. 

For those of you who do not have/can’t open a studio – there are a number of locations throughout Corsham and beyond that can be hired (often for free) for the duration of the trail. We will be adding info about these locations to our website and Facebook, so do keep your eyes pealed.

To keep up to date, please follow our blog (click on the big FOLLOW to the right of this post) and sign up to our newsletter.

If you have any space to offer for additional artists please do get in touch with us and we will advertise your space to our mailing list. 

Get involved!

We’d  LOVE a little more help to help get things going, in particular people who’d like to take on the roles of Secretary, Brochure & Signage Distribution.

We’re a gang of (efficient!) volunteers, but a couple more people would help lighten the load. Becoming involved with the organisation is meant to be fun and we don’t want to make it onerous for anyone. If you are interested do email us at


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