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Venue # 36 David King, Upper Ley, Box

A stone’s throw from venue #35 is David King – professional photographer, animator and designer. David is a newcomer to the Peacock Arts Trail so lets show him a warm welcome and find out more…

David is a professional photographer who divides his time between graphic design and animation, and photography. David tells us, “photography is my passion. I have taken pictures for as long as I can remember. For me nothing comes close to the excitement of encountering something for the first time and taking the time to look properly to see something unique; to photograph it and create a beautiful image from that moment”.

David divides his time between his animation and design work, which he does from a studio at the Glove Factory in Holt, and taking photographs which can take him absolutely anywhere.

David’s ambitions are to devote more time to his photography work. “I love working on images which work as a series, telling a story without words”.


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