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Peacock Arts Trail 2019 COMING SOON!

That’s right! The peacocks are shaking their feathers and getting ready to strut their stuff in 2019!

In case you’ve not already spotted them, the dates of the next Trail for your diary are: Saturday 5 – Sunday 13 October 2019

We want YOU to get involved!

If you’re new to the Peacock Arts Trail, we are a bienniel arts trail, established in 2013, with the aim of celebrating the arts in Corsham and the surrounding towns and villages in North-West Wiltshire.

We provide 9 days of open studios which gives members of the public the opportunity to meet the artists and see and discover their art. And it gives artists the opportunity to show and sell your work to the public and network with local artists.

We are open to all artists, whether you have been in business for years, are just starting out or simply enjoying a creative hobby. This is a fabulous opportunity to chat with like minded creative souls. 2017 was fantastic with greater footfall than ever before, but we know we can do even better so for 2019 we are busy working on new plans to make it the best Trail yet!

So if you create, make, craft or design, please follow our blog, subscribe to our newsletter and get those dates in your diary!

View more details on our Join The Trail page, but here are the key facts you need to know:

APPLICATION DETAILS: Applications open – Monday 21 January 2019

Early bird deadline – 28 February 2019 FINAL DEADLINE FOR ALL ARTISTS – 31 March 2019

MEMBERSHIP FEES for 2019: Individual Artist – £85 early bird / £100 full fee Non-Selling Group (Schools, Charities, Art Groups, Societies) – £85 early bird / £100 full fee Gallery/Business  – £170 early bird / £200 full fee

IMPORTANT TERMS AND CONDITIONS: 1. Venues MUST open 10am – 5pm on BOTH WEEKENDS. This is in response to feedback from both artists and visitors and will maximise the experience for both parties. Venues can choose their own opening times during the week 2. We welcome artists from outside the area, but you MUST show your work within the Trail boundary (see website for details) 3. It is the artist’s responsibility to find their own venue – we will help where we can.

Venues As part of your application, you will need to tell us where you will be exhibiting so you may want to start thinking now about whether you would prefer to exhibit from your studio – be that in your home or garden – or from a shared venue.  Visitors love to visit artists in their own studios, however we’ve also found that two or more artists joining together in one location helps draw in visitors.

If you have a studio that you would like to open up to other artists to share, please get in touch. Similarly if you have any suggestions for shared venue spaces please do let us know and we can list details on our website.

It is the responsibility of the artist to find a suitable venue prior to submitting an application, however we will help out as best we can. Please keep an eye on this page for updates. The committee is already in the process of ensuring the larger venues in Corsham are available for the Trail.

We once again have the full support of Corsham Town Council for the 2019 Trail and are indebted to them for all their help with making this event the success it is.

Who we are: Leonora Martin – Chair & Sponsorship Victoria Jarman – Vice Chair & Secretary Rachael Holtom – PR & Marketing Kathy Hutton – Social Media Emma Leith – Artistic Adventures Colette O’Sullivan – Projects & Support

Get Involved: If you would like to volunteer for the committee, or have an idea for a project or workshop that can be part of the Trail, please get in touch –

Image credits in order: Emma Leith, Kathy Hutton, Anna Currey, Caroline Rudge, Libby Ballard, Rebecca McCarthy-Carter


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