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Venue #42 – Mary Quarmby & Beth Quarmby Illustration

This mother and daughter duo promises a delightful, colourful and vibrant experience with dynamic glass work and imaginative illustration and design….

Mary is a contemporary glass artist who uses fusing and slumping to complement traditional methods of glass work, thereby creating unique vibrant and dynamic works. She says, “I believe that everything has energy and a rhythm and draw inspiration from nature and my travels. Colour is an important part of our life be it natural or manmade.”

Mary is looking forward to meeting visitors to her studio which has a lovely view out over countryside where she enjoys walking her dogs first thing in the morning. She is a busy lady, when not working she enjoys yoga, pottering in the garden, socialising with friends, going to exhibitions, music festivals and gigs, sewing, crocheting and volunteering at a local charity that works with homeless people. Not surprisingly, she says “I also love just lying on the sofa doing nothing!”

Beth Quarmby is a freelance illustrator, designer and maker who works from her narrowboat, accompanied by two cats and a wolf. For the Peacock Arts Trail, she will be exhibiting with her mother in Chippenham.

Beth says, “I work using a combination of traditional and digital techniques to create pieces that are full of texture and personality. I’m really interested in quality of line, texture and the natural world and often take inspiration from our journey along the canal. I’m currently working on a range of soft furnishings and wallpaper that I’m pretty excited about”.

“My typical day involves Coffee, cats and dog walks! The day usually starts with a romp around some fields with our little wolf, sometimes we’re joined by the cats. Then I’ll make myself a coffee and do a quick warm up activity to get my mind and hands working. I work on a variety of projects at one time and enjoy moving between illustration pieces, cooking and cat cuddles”.


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