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Peacock Arts Open Windows

Introducing our exciting ‘covid-defying’ new development, our first Open Windows Trail which sees Corsham, Chippenham and Melksham Town centres turned into outdoor art galleries!

You’ll be able to wander past windows and view pieces by many artists taking part in this year’s trail. If you’d like to know more about any of the artists, just scan the QR code displayed next to their work to be directed to their page on our website.

Huge thanks to all the businesses and individuals who have supported this exciting venture and indeed the trail as a whole this year.

Karen George_PROFILE_Time stands still.jpg

Image: Karen George

Corsham Open Windows

Open Windows 2021 - map text.png
Open Window Map 2021 - Suzie Brooks.jpg

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Chippenham Open Windows

1. Gaynor Leverett-Jaques
Mailboxes, The Bridge - 24/7

2. Penny Richman & Greg Tull
Grounded Cafe, Bath Road

Every day 9 am-10 pm

3. Knitting Ninja
High Street bollards – 24/7

4. Kathy Hutton
Refashion My Town, Borough Parade – 24/7


5. Mrs. Mosley’s Posies
Paprika, Borough Parade – 24/7


6. Yarn Peacock
Town Hall, High Street
Mon-Fri. 9-4, Sat. 9.30-3

7. Lucia Lovatt, Julie Bolton,
Galit Litvak-Watson and Cheryl Cork

Kandu Arts, Emery Gate

Mon-Fri 9-5.30, Sunday 10-4

8. Deirdre Elphick

Coiffure, Market Place – 24/7

9. Meryl Kelsey-Masters

Sarah-Jaynes Cafe, Market Place

Window 24/7 (Cafe – closed Sun/Mon)

10. SkyDog Glass
Stitch Express, Market Place - 24/7

11. Barking Hen Jewellery

Chippenham Museum, Market Place

10-4 Monday to Saturday

12. Lucia Lovatt

The Sweet Shop, Market Place - 24/7

13. ACE Exhibition - various artists

Yelde Hall – Market Place/Shambles

10 to 4 - 11-12 & 15-19 September

14. Crazy Crochet & Nutty Knitting

Boston Burger – 13-19 Sept. 10.30-2.30 &4.30-10 (Closed Sunday)

15. Helen Swan

Da’s Barbershop, Market Place – 24/7

16. Mrs. Mosley’s Posies

Nature’s Solutions, Market Place – 24/7

17. Independent Artist Group

King Alfred Hall (next to St. Andrew’sChurch) – 10 to 3 on 11&12 September

18. Mary Quarmby

Hand of Glory – Market Place - 24/7

19. Karen Gilgar

Scrawlrbox (next door to Jubilee Building) 31 The Causeway – 24/7

20. Greg Tull

53 The Causeway (next door to Edward &Alan) - 24/7

21. Bloemen & Blue, Libby Mornement
Edward & Alan, 52 The Causeway – 24/7

22. Jennifer Rudd
Library window - 24/7

Chippenham Open Windows map_edited.jpg

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Melksham Open Windows

Melksham is gearing up for its best ever Peacock Arts Trail with two exhibitions in the town centre, including an open window exhibition at 14 Lowbourne, SN12 7DZ.

Melksham Town Hall (venue 23) will be hosting local artists Joy Jeffreys, Ian Joad, Susan Hames, Pamela Brigden, Clive Dix, Bryan Clover and St Mary’s Art Group.

From the town centre, you can also enjoy nearby artists:

  • Joy Jeffreys (21)

  • Wizz Stearne (Miss Wizz Jewellery 24)

  • Jo Moorshead (BSPK 22)

  • Marianne Donohoe (Grey Clouds & Silver Linings 22)

  • John Reid (35)

  • Lyndsay Tarren-Leister (online only)

Please ensure you check opening times and days when visiting venues.

Wider area map 2021_edited.jpg

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