Exhibitor FAQ

Why online? (Covid-19)

For 2021 we have decided that the Peacock Arts Trail will be an online event. We have deliberated long and hard over the best way to organise the trail this year. We're aware that other trails have (understandably) cancelled, whereas others have successfully pivoted to online. We all agreed that it would be a great shame to not be able to support our artists at such a difficult time and we didn't want to lose the momentum we've built up as a community. By running the trail online, we can respond quickly to the ever-changing situation. The trail will still consist of 9 days of events, activities, demos and showcasing our exhibitors work. This will all be via our website and social media channels with a promotional focus on driving traffic to our exhibitors' website(s) and other ways of viewing, discussing and purchasing their work.

What do we ask from you? (our T&C's)

- Active involvement in promoting the event within your own social networks (press coverage is provided). - Fees to be paid in full at the time of submitting your application. - Send us feedback after the event Should we be able to open venues to the public: - You will need to ensure you have public liability for your venue and have taken appropriate health and safety precautions - Opening times must be clear, simple and you must stick to them. This is to help us ensure that the trail is a success and minimise disappointed visitors. - Exhibitors may not invite guest exhibitors who are not paid exhibitors of the Peacock Arts Trail to exhibit with them. Failure to comply will result in automatic disqualification from the event in future years

Can I send you more than 1 image?

Yes. We will be requesting addtional images from applicants in May/June. You will be able to send us up to 8 images of your work. These images will be used as additional promotional material on our blog and social media streams. A mix of landscape and portrait and different styles/background colours may mean your images are more likely to be featured in our press marketing. NB. you will need to upload at least one professional quality image with your application. PLEASE label your images with your name and image number - Profile Image: 'YourNamePROFILE' Additional Images: 'YourNameIMG1', 'YourNameIMG2', etc. File Quality: minimum 300dpi File Size: max 1MB Please see our artist resources page for help with resizing images.

What mandatory information is asked for on the Online Application Form?

As well as a couple of personal contact details (for admin use only, not displayed online), we ask the following mandatory questions: - Artist/Group/Business Name - Email/phone number to be displayed on online profile - Website (if applicable; please enter the full url)Social media links - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Other (if applicable;please enter the full url) - Artforms 1&2 (if multi-disciplinary) - Artist statement; description of your work (100 words max) - Would you like to participate in our Peacock Street Art event? (yes/no - details will be requested later) - Will you be offering online workshops or demos? (yes/no - details will be requested later) - Profile image of your work (you will be able to send us additional images at a later date) Please complete these questions EXACTLY as you would like them to appear on your profile. We cannot guarantee they will be proofed before being published. The final page of the form will ask you to agree to our terms and conditions, sign the form and will then transfer you to a payment page. Please note your application is not complete and will not be accepted until payment is received.

Do I have to have my own website?

No. We want to support all of our artistic community from professional to those who just love to create. Every exhibitor will have their own page/profile on our website. This will include the contact details that you provide, so if you would like visitors to email or phone you, we will list that information for you.

Can I offer workshops and demos?

Yes. We will be requesting additional information from exhibitors in June/July regarding online workshops and demos. It is not compulsory to offer workshops or demos online. Demos can be pre-recorded so there is no pressure to commit to live events. For those who will be offering workshops or demos, we will publish the details on our website. We will require: - Workshop/demo title - Brief description (max 30 words) - Date and time - How to book (link to your website and/or phone number)

Do I have to have a Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/Other page?

No. We want to support all of our artistic community from professional to those who just love to create. Every exhibitor will have their own page/profile on our website. This will include the contact details that you provide, so if you would like visitors to email or phone you, we will list that information for you. However, we would strongly encourage you to have at least one social media page as this will allow you to have a conversation with visitors and share more images of your work. For those of you who are not currently on social media, please see our artist resources page for help. We will also be providing updates in our email newsletters.

What optional information is asked for on the Online Application Form?

In addition to the mandatory questions, we ask a number of optional questions about you, your studio practice, what inspires you, etc. Although they are optional, we strongly encourage you to complete at least some of them as we use your answers to promote you and the Trail, both online and in print media. - Can you tell us a little about yourself and what you do? - What does a typical day involve? - Where do you create, what does your studio space look like? - How and where did you first learn your skills? - What led you to start doing what you do?What do you enjoy doing when you’re not creating/making? - What do you have coming up next in terms of your art/craft? - What ambitions do you have for your business/art practice over the next few years? - What are the main challenges that you face as an artist/maker? - What inspires you? What is your favourite part of being an artist/maker? - How important is the arts trail to you and your business/art practice? - What do you consider to be the main benefits to you in exhibiting in a local arts trail and what do you most look forward to? - Do you have any tips for fellow artists/makers who are exhibiting or considering exhibiting for the first time? - Has art changed your life or have you seen art transform the lives of others? How?

What format and file size should my images be?

We require at least ONE professional quality image of your work. This will be displayed on your online profile and used across our publicity and marketing. PLEASE label your images with your name and image number - Profile Image: 'YourNamePROFILE' Additional Images: 'YourNameIMG1', 'YourNameIMG2', etc. File Quality: minimum 300dpi File Size: max 1MB Please see our artist resources page for help with resizing images.

Do you offer professional photography of my work?

In 2019 we were delighted to be able to offer our artists the opportunity to have at least one professional photo of their work. The fabulous results can be seen on our website. We use these images in our brochure, online and in promotional material. They are free for the artists to keep.
We would hope to offer this service again in 2021 though it will be very much dependent on making it a covid safe event. Dates/details TBC after the application closing date.

What resources do you provide?

2021 is a little different to previous trails. As well as our membership benefits, we shall endeavour to provide a range of artist resources, including: - Logo and banner images for use online - Posters for you to print and display - Flyers for you to distribute to your friends, family and customers - Advice and guidance on using social media to promote yourself and the trail - Advice and guidance on photographing your work for publishing online Should a physical trail be possible, we will also provide some signage for your venue. You must arrange to collect this from us. Other physical promotional materials may be produced but our ability to provide these will very much depend on when changes are announced and if the timescales allow it. Please go to our artist resources page to find out more.

What is the Peacock Street Art event and is it compulsory?

We may not be able to have our 'normal' trail but we still want to encourage people to get out and about and enjoy seeing art in all its forms. To that end we are working with Corsham Town Council and The Pound on bringing Corsham town centre alive with your art! We are planning to display one piece of work from each of our exhibitors in Corsham town centre. These will be displayed in windows and gardens and will all be viewable from outside to ensure that it is Covid-safe. It is not compulsory for exhibitors to display a piece of work but we sincerely hope that as many artists as possible can get involved. It is a great opportunity for your work to be seen! Please indicate on your application form if you wish to exhibit as part of this event. You do not need to have a piece of work finished when you apply, we just need a general indicator of the size and form your artwork is likely to take. We would ask you to consider how best to show the work and whether any form of display (an easel, for example) is required.

How do I apply?

We're delighted you'd like to join us! Please complete our online application form here: Apply 2021 Application Deadline: Sunday 16 May (midnight)

Any other questions?

Please get in touch.

Can I open my studio/workshop or exhibit in a public venue?

Our primary aim for 2021 is to deliver a successful online trail. BUT, should the Covid situation allow it, artists may still be able to open their studios or exhibit in a (shared) venue if they choose. Please note that we will support you as best we can, but you as the exhibitor will need to do much of the preparation and promotion to direct footfall to your venue should you choose to open. You will need to ensure the venue is compliant with the latest government Covid regulations. We will contact exhibitors in August to ask if you plan to open your studio or exhibit at a venue. Whether you can do this or not will depend on government restrictions. At this stage we will ask for all the relevant location and opening details. We will list venue locations and times both on individual exhibitor online profiles and on our ‘open venues’ page. Should we become aware of any venues that have space for exhibitors, we will list them on our Venues page. Due to the on-going changes required to deal with Covid-19, we will be providing updates as and when required. Please follow our blog and/or sign up to our newsletter to stay up-to-date.

Do I need insurance?

Should it be possible to open studios and workshops, you will need Public Liability insurance. To take part in the Corsham Town Centre Street Art event, you may wish to take out appropriate insurance to cover the value of your artwork. This will not be compulsory but we highly recommend it. Please note that shop or home owners will not be able to accept responsibility for the damage or theft of any exhibited piece. There are a number of organisations that provide insurance specifically for artists. Here are two that we recommend: https://www.a-n.co.uk/ https://www.hencilla.co.uk/