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Greg Tull



Mixed Media

Artist Statement:

My artwork is a result of a deepening of active observing in my locality. This came about during the recent lockdowns, which afforded me the opportunity to sink into a pace where I have been less distracted by responsibility. The paintings express an air of mystical realism, that evokes nostalgia or a sense of something time related, difficult to define with words where the interplay of light and shadow is key. I am drawn to twilight, suburban environments, interiors lit artificially, infused with a sense of melancholia and existential angst or wonder.










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Greg Tull

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£45 limited edition Giclee print. Unframed. 40cm x 32cm

This painting is of a scene I witnessed in Japan, on the outskirts of Tokyo in 2014. It was a Saturday morning, colours were vibrant and it was exciting to be venturing into an unfamiliar city.

Train to Matsumoto

Train to Matsumoto

£45 limited edition Giclee print. Unframed. 40cm x 27cm

Waiting at the station for the train to Matsumoto. A beautiful Spring day in Japan.

Stone and Glass

Working Men

£280. Oil on Canvas. Framed. 40cm x 30cm.

A view over the abandoned Battleship Island near Nagasaki.

Shinjuku Crossing

Shinjuku Crossing

£270. Oil on Canvas. Unframed. 50cm x 40cm.

I was taken by the colour palette of this deserted urban scene in the Shinjuku ward of Tokyo.

Last Evening in Tokyo

Last Evening in Tokyo

£350. Oil on Board. Framed. 30cm x 37cm.

Looking out onto the setting Sun. The guests have left. A felt sense that life never stays the same with unpredictability that has magnified this past year regarding the climate emergency and pandemic. A comforting or horrifying scene?

Stone and Glass

Stone and Glass

£270. Oil on Canvas. Unframed. 40cm x 30cm.

A wholly man-made scene from the pink and grey suburbs of Osaka.

Friendly Fire

Friendly Fire

£295. Oil on Canvas. Framed. 35cm x 28cm.

A couple transfixed by darkness, Nature and the element of Fire.

Night Kitchen

Night Kitchen

£300. Oil on Canvas. Framed. 40cm x 30cm.

Twilight. An invitation to a warmly lit contemporary home.

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