EXHIBITORS 2021 - Image Upload

Please upload up to 8 images of your work. You don't have to upload 8, but the more you give us, the more we have to promote you with.


Some guidance...

  • VERY IMPORTANT - PLEASE PUT YOUR NAME ON YOUR IMAGES! It's very hard to match up a file called 'painting of flowers 1' to an actual person. Please name your images in the following format - YourName_PROFILE, YourName_IMG2, YourName_IMG3, and so on.

  • Image 1 will be your profile image - this image will replace then one submitted with your application form and will appear on the exhibitor pages and at the top of your individual profile page. You may upload the same image as you previously uploaded with your application form or a new image (for example, your photo from Alun Crockford). 

  • For each image please provide a title and brief description for each piece, and a price (if applicable). Visitors will be directed to your contact details on your profile to enquire/purchase/discuss a commission.

  • PLEASE type carefully, use punctuation (capital letters, full stops, etc) and don't type ALL IN CAPITALS. There's no magic wand, we have to edit these manually!

  • Images need to be print quality - 300dpi; file size no bigger than 1MB

  • In addition to the 8 images of your work, we are also requesting a photo of YOU! A significant part of any arts trail is meeting the maker and people love to put a face to a name. It's not mandatory to upload this photo as we know many people don't like having their photo taken, but please be brave! The Committee have gone first so feel free to have a laugh - https://www.peacockartstrail.co.uk/contact


Any problems, please email peacockartstrail@gmail.com


Thank you!


APPLE USERS! It seems that the webform gods don't like Safari - please use Chrome to complete this form to avoid problems. 


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(you are, of course, priceless)

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Before you hit submit, please check that you have included the relevant details for each image you have uploaded.

It may take a minute for the system to upload all of your images - please be patient. When the submission is complete you will be redirected to the home page.

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