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Application Form 2025

Please Read!

Before you start filling out the application form, we strongly recommend you:

1. Read our FAQ's.

2. Prepare your answers to the questions before you start entering them. Simply scroll down this page to view the questions.

3. Resize and label your image files, ready to upload. Please scroll down the page to see the image labelling requirements.

4. If you are exhibiting in a venue with other exhibitor's, please ensure that you all submit identical venue info, directions, opening times, accessibility/parking/refreshments details.

It looks like a long form, but if you have all of your text ready to copy and past and your labelled image files prepared it should take under 20 minutes. You cannot save your form halfway, it must be completed in one go. We suggest you complete this form on a desktop/laptop rather than a mobile device.

When you submit your application you will be taken directly to a payment page. Please be patient while your form uploads. If your form does not submit, please ensure that all mandatory fields marked with an * are completed. Fields that are incomplete will be highlighted in red. In particular, check email addresses and web addresses - these need to be accurate for the form to upload.


Early-bird - £115 - Tuesday 31 January 2023

Final - £135 - Wednesday 1 March 2023

Your application will not be considered complete until we have received payment.

Please note: APPLE USERS - we suggest you use Google Chrome rather than Safari to complete this form.

Any problems, please email

Before you start, do you have the following?

Your artist statement + answers to optional qu's

Your confirmed venue information


A cup of tea or coffee or beverage of your choice!

Section 1: Applicant Information

The following information is for administrative purposes only and will not be published or shared. For non-selling groups (charities, community groups, etc) please enter the primary contacts' details.

The following questions are about your art/craft/business. Answers will be published, promoted and shared.

Application Type:

Artist Statement:

Please type carefully! This text will be automatically published on the website, typos and all. Please use capital letters, punctuation and DO NOT WRITE IN CAPS. Thank you!

Section 2: Venue Information

Reminder: please ensure that your venue is confirmed and the details finalised before you submit. If you are in a shared venue please submit *identical* information. Peacock Arts Trail cannot be held responsible for typos as a result of later amendments.

Opening Times: 

Saturday and Sunday opening times are mandatory for all exhibitors, 10am - 5pm

Weekday opening is optional; we suggest keeping opening times simple as multiple opening/closing times in one day are confusing for visitors. You must stick to your opening times.

Accessibility/Other Info:

Disabled Access?
Parking Nearby?
Refreshments Nearby?


Will you be offering workshops?

Section 3: Images

Images must be a min of 300dpi; file size: max 1MB


e.g. VictoriaJarman_PROFILE


        VictoriaJarman_IMG2  etc...

Profile Image
Please upload one high quality image of your work. This will be your profile image in the printed brochure and the main image on your website profile. Please note: if you opt to have a free professional photo taken as part of your trail membership, this will replace your profile image unless otherwise requested.


Choose File

Additional Images
You may upload up to 4 additional images of your work + an image of yourself. These are optional. They will be displayed on your website profile. They will not be printed in the brochure.

IMAGE 1: 'YourName_IMG1'

Choose File

IMAGE 2: 'YourName_IMG2'

Choose File

IMAGE 3: 'YourName_IMG3'

Choose File

IMAGE 4: 'YourName_IMG4'

Choose File


Choose File

If you would like to include a photo of yourself (or your group if you are a school/community art group, etc) on your profile, please upload a photo here. This is completely optional, though we do find visitors like to put a face to a name.

Section 4: Optional Questions

The following optional questions are about yourself and your art practice. We use the valuable information provided here to promote you and your work.

Submit Application

It may take a moment for the system to upload all of your images - please be patient. When the submission is complete you will be redirected to our payment page. You should be redirected within 30 seconds.

If you are not redirected to payment, please scroll back up the page and ensure that all mandatory fields marked with an * are completed. Fields that are incomplete will be highlighted in red. In particular, check email addresses and web addresses - these need to be accurate for the form to upload.

Thank you for your submission.

An error occurred. Please ensure you have completed ALL of the mandatory fields marked with an * - they will be highlighted in red above. 

Your content has been submitted

An error occurred. Try again later

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